Two Years

I have no words for this. I tried to find them, to set them down, to find some meaning, some emotion, some anything. And I can’t. Not about this. I live it every day. It’s not like there’s anything new this day of days. The significance is surprisingly small, in the scheme of things.

Two years. Only two. So many more to come, just like these.


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20 responses to “Two Years

  1. Frank DeFino

    I too feel the same way my love. He was an incredible person that has left us both too soon. We will never forget him ever, and each day is the same without him.

    We have each other and he lives on in us.

    Frankie D

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  2. I send you much love and endless hugs.


  3. Lots of love and hugs to you and Frank ❤


  4. Elizabeth Young

    I’ll be on the look out for your, Frank’s and Chris’ birds. Love you…..


  5. You know I’ve been thinking of you since getting up this morning. Sending all the love I can to both you and Frank ❤


  6. Jackie Ciarlelli

    HUGS to you and Frankie. I am right behind ya sister….love you


  7. You and your family were in my thoughts all day. Sending lots of love and hugs. ❤️❤️


  8. MaryAnn Forbes

    Thinking of you, Frank and your family with love and healing thoughts. Your posts always touch my heart at a very deep level.
    Bill died 7 months ago tomorrow and it is his 65th Birthday. We had so many dreams and plans… now unfulfilled. I hold onto my love and memories and find a way to go on, day by day.
    Thank you for the wonderful words and insights you share– they have helped me and given me strength.💔


    • Terri-Lynne DeFino

      Love to you, sweetheart. I’m glad my words have helped you. That makes putting them out there both easier, and more important.

      The “left undone” stuff is what haunts us, isn’t it? All those things we didn’t get to do with them, will never get to say again. All they “missed out” on. We can drive ourselves nuts with it. Remember all you DID do. It doesn’t always lift the grief, but every positive you can find to counter a negative is a good thing.

      Peace and love, honey. If you need comfort or a listening ear, ping me on FB.


  9. Carol Lovekin

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