Germany, here comes Bar Harbor!

The Bar Harbor Retirement Home for Famous Writers (And Their Muses) was supposed to release in September of 2018 under the title, DAS LÄCHELN FRÜHERER TAGE. Obviously, it did not. I won’t go into the whole thing, because that’s not what this entry is about. Suffice it to say, we were delayed for technical reasons, the result of which is  June 2020 release, a new title, and a new cover.

AndAtTheEndtheSea_Bar Harbor

Translates to: And In The End The Sea

Elaine, my foreign rights agent, sent me the above afraid I’d be upset by the changes. The feel is way different from the English language version. BASTEI LÜBBE (my publisher in Germany) decided on a beach read vibe, which is where Bar Harbor fell on so many lists in the summer of 2018. The cover says BEACH! And I love it. I love the poetry of the new title. I just love everything about it, including the June 2020 release date.

My writing life still orbits around The Bar Harbor Retirement Home for Famous Writers (And Their Muses).  A year and a quarter after its original release date, I’m still doing book clubs, library visits, fielding the odd request for an interview. I’ve been told a book like this has about a two year active life; so far, so accurate. By the time Bar Harbor starts winding down here in the USA, it’ll be born again in Germany. I’m not anticipating the same kinds of interaction, but it is rather exciting. I’m truly, truly glad it didn’t come all at once. Savoring the experience has been bliss.

And June of 2020 doesn’t end Bar Harbor’s journey out into the world. Another contract has been signed, but until I hear from Elaine, I’m not announcing anything more than that.



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  1. Elizabeth

    Option contract?????????


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