Refrigerator Tiles in Astoria

I grow the moon garden

on ice like snow;

almost gray.

Flowered and full as puddles.


You fly eternally

above some hot green morning;

happy that there is

sun and sky everyday

like easy freedom.


Would you keep me from leaving?

Little winter?

If the dream is spring,

shine between time!

Sweet Will,

make summer melt!


Dark-weather goddess,

ask about him;

warm and wanting;

monster in my night.

Bring light to murmur hope

when promises turn cold.


We love through this child—

see, feel, cry, laugh!

A woman.

A man.

Always together

and never.

(This actually was a “poem” I did with those “Shakespear Word Magnets” while babysitting for my then infant-GrandWilliam in Astoria, while my daughter and her husband celebrated their anniversary.)


2 responses to “Refrigerator Tiles in Astoria

  1. Terri-Lynne DeFino

    Lol. Thanks. This is an old poem, written when GrandWilliam was only a month old now he’s five!!!


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