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It’s been too long

Wow. I’ve really let the dust collect on this thing. With Varina Paladino’s Jersey Italian Love Story releasing on Valentine’s Day, it’s probably time to at least say hi to this poor, neglected blog, so…”Hi!”

Frankie D and I just got back from an amazing (and short) trip up to Cooperstown, NY, where I was invited to visit with two book clubs that read The Bar Harbor Retirement Home For Famous Writers (And Their Muses). It was magical. I love chatting with readers, hearing their insights and ideas and all the bits and pieces they fill into the story. One of the gentlemen admitted (after his wife outed him) he cried at the end. It’s nice to bask in their appreciation of my work. It’s also pretty awesome to revisit this story I love so much. Four years! Four years since being published. Wow. Very cool.

Fun news, I’ve been officially invited to attend The Tuscon Festival of Books this March, as an author. I’ll have two panels, and two signings to do, but other than that–BOOKS! I’m very excited. I haven’t done a panel since the fantasy-writing days! I didn’t realize how much I missed doing this sort of thing. Since Frankie D and I have never been to Arizona, and because a dear friend now lives down that-aways, we’re going out early and spending a few days before the Festival.

On a more serious note: This blog started as a writing/book thing. Then it became the place I dumped so much of my sorrow, grief, anger, and love after Chris died. I won’t be deleting the past, but I do believe it’s time for this to be a writing/book blog again. The wheel turns, and with it, so do I. For a while, I needed my grief SEEN, exhibitionist (or sadist) that it was. Now, not so much. It’s actually gotten pretty exhausting to keep doing. Too exhausting.

Ok! That’s that. I’ll be here, posting fun stuff up as it comes along. There’s already been a lot! But there’s more to come. See you soon!


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