Jingle An Original Fairytale from Hadley Rille Books. February, 2013

The crone Bella smuggles newborn Jingle from the cottage, into the forest, into fae, with catkin on her tail–but babies grow and catkins are not always what they seem. Sometimes, they’re heroes.
Boys and cats are foolish creatures; brave, but foolish. Tom was no exception, in either case. And now, he was a man in love. Come spring, he would finish what had begun sixteen years before, when a baby was born in a woodland cottage, and stolen.

“I haven’t read an original fairy tale in ages, and now I’m reminded of what I’ve missed. Jingle, the story of a beautiful child born to a terrible fate and the catkin who loved her, is equal to anything Barbara Leonie Picard ever wrote. Beautiful language, a simple story, and best of all, it felt fantastic the way so little fantasy does today.” Amazon review


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