Waking Savannah

Waking Savannah, Book 3 of The Bitterly Suite <–buy link!

Savannah Callowell left Georgia determined not to let the past define her. Buying an old farm in Bitterly, Connecticut was as far as she could imagine from all that happened, from all she had been. In farming the land, Savannah finds peace, friends, and a new life. If it weren’t for the headaches always plaguing her, she’d call herself happy.

Life in Bitterly has been blissfully uneventful for eleven years. Savannah keeps her secrets to herself, and her friends at a distance. But when her foreman tells her he is retiring and offers his son as a replacement, Savannah gets more than she bargained for. Adelmo Gallegos is not the college kid she was expecting, but a grown man running from his own past.

The closer she gets to Adelmo, the worse her headaches become. No matter what she once believed, Savannah is forced to consider that her past is not as firmly left behind as she imagined.

Some memories are best left behind; some refuse to be.


Waking Savannah, Book 3 of The Bitterly Suite

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