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Only one more week to go


Seeking Carolina releases one week from today. Despite everything else going on right now, the joy of this is overwhelming.

I’ve gotten a few early reviews, all of them good (so far!) but two reviewers were disappointed that it wasn’t what they consider contemporary romance. They found it more women’s fiction. I can see their point. Definitely. And yet, I feel that if my story were categorized women’s fiction, readers expecting it to be so would be just as disappointed. What I’ve discovered is that my work straddles a line. Yes, it’s contemporary romance. The story of two people and how they come together is the key element. Happily-ever-after is assured. And yet, Seeking Carolina is also, in equal measures, the story of four sisters, and how they come to terms with their past. So there’s a strong romantic element, that makes it women’s fiction, right?

What my work is, from Seeking Carolina to Dreaming August to Waking Savannah, is both. It has all the elements necessary to contemporary romance, as well as those elements expected in women’s fiction. But there is no marketing category for romantic women’s fiction, or women’s fiction romance. Maybe there will be a few more readers disappointed when they read my book, expecting something they didn’t get. But maybe, like several readers I’ve heard from so far, it’ll be┬ámore than they were expecting.

Here’s hoping, anyway.


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