Finder Just Keeps On Entertaining

I just found this review for Finder, left last December (2015–five years and some since publication,) that I hadn’t seen. I guess I’ve been a bit preoccupied with my romance novels, but a series of events led me to go in and check on my fantasy work, and I this happened:

When I started reading this novel I expected an adventure, and it is there, beautifully portrayed in vivid descriptions and engaging characters. But as the tale progressed I also encountered superb storytelling, where clever clues and loose ends planted throughout two decades of struggle and hope are ultimately woven into a rewarding conclusion. As the author describes in the story, the experience does not just come full-circle, but rather it spirals upward, elevating the reader to a new level of understanding and appreciation.

For me, what set this story apart from other adventure tales is the influence on the characters of the eighteen-year gap that comes in the middle of the story. For the protagonist, Ethen, it highlights his transition from a young man who takes chances and dodges responsibility, primarily because he has gotten away with things in the past, to a mature adult who has suffered the ramifications of poor decisions and has learned to plan wisely. And for Zihariel, his heart’s desire, it highlights the painful maturity that comes too early for those subjected to a devastating childhood. Where Ethen evolved, Zihariel was forced into adulthood at a very young age and that trauma helps her survive the insults and injuries to come.

Add to that a wealth of intriguing personalities, some endearing and others malevolent, and a journey that takes the reader through poor alleys, splendid cites, bawdy taverns, rich homes, deserts and seas, and you have a delightful tale that touches on many of the highs and lows of mankind. The reader is sure to find themselves somewhere within the pages.


PS–I just realized who left this. A true fan!


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4 responses to “Finder Just Keeps On Entertaining

  1. Great review! Well deserved. FINDER continues to be one of my favorite books.


  2. Yay! Absolutely well deserved. 😊


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