Dreaming August is here!

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The second book in my Bitterly Suite series with Kensington/Lyrical Shine, Dreaming August, releases today! Woohoo! To celebrate, I’m giving stuff away. Here’s how it works.

The first fifteen readers who buy a copy (digital or paperback) of Dreaming August will get a FREE digital copy of Seeking Carolina. All you have to do is send a copy of your receipt, from whatever venue you purchased from, to terrilynnedefino (at) aol (dot) com and I will send you a code to get your free copy of Seeking Carolina for the ereader of your choice.

But there’s more!

For the first fifteen readers who buy a copy of Seeking Carolina, digital or paperback, I’m giving a free digital copy of Dreaming August! Yup! So if you haven’t gotten around to buying Seeking Carolina yet, there’s no better time than the present. Same process as above.

Supplies are limited, so don’t put it off. Buy it, read it, and if you really love me, you’ll review it. 🙂 Two books for the price of one–how can you go wrong?

Please feel free to share on FB, Tweet, tell your neighbor, co-worker, grandma, best friend, your dog if they have access to a computer even if they don’t know how to read. You know how dogs are–they love to buy things on the internet.

❤ ❤ ❤

(And isn’t this nicer than another bit of sad poetry making all of you cry? Yes, it is. Celebrate life every day you possibly can!)

Dreaming August, Book 2 of the Bitterly Suite

She should have been off-limits. After all, Benedetta “Benny” Grady is his best friend’s widow. But in the space of a whirlwind week, Daniel Greene went from strong shoulder to lean on to Benny’s ardent lover. Now Dan is determined to make Benny his bride. He hasn’t waited this long for love to let it get away so easily. But first, Benny has a few ghosts to contend with…

When Benny finds herself pregnant with Dan’s child, telling him should be easy. After all, she’s fallen hard for the wise-cracking bachelor. But how can she love another while remaining true to her late husband’s memory? Could the past hold the key to their future happiness?


Seeking Carolina, Book 1 of the Bitterly Suite

Johanna Coco is finally home in Bitterly, Connecticut, to attend her beloved grandmother’s funeral—only to be confronted by the very reason she’s stayed away to begin with–Charlie McCallan. Her high school sweetheart is now divorced, and no longer the skinny boy Johanna once loved. Hometown handsome and dependable as always, Charlie is the kind of man she needs to lean on as she and her sisters grapple with their grief—as well as the mystery of their long-missing mother, Carolina. But Johanna’s heart isn’t only haunted by her ghosts; it’s haunted by what happened between her and Charlie…

Charlie is determined to do things right this time, and he has to do it before Johanna vanishes from his life again. First he needs to prove to her that the past is past, and they can overcome it–no easy task when he’s up against the ghosts lingering in her life, trying to convince her that happily-ever-after is not in the cards for any of the catastrophe-prone Coco sisters, least of all Johanna. But her fearless first love is ready to do whatever it takes to win her back—ghosts be damned.


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12 responses to “Dreaming August is here!

  1. It’s such a wonderful book! Congratulations on your release day, Terri Lynne!

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  2. Happy Release Day – off to share the good news 🙂

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  3. Happy release day!!! Spreading the good word on Facebook 🙂 I loved this book!

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  4. Frank DeFino

    Fantastic work by a great Author


  5. Happy Release Day! Congratulations!




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