Scott Dream

I dreamed of Scott last week, and have been replaying it in my head ever since. It was so good to see him. Gads, I miss my son. I’ve never been to Portland (Oregon,) but that’s where we were. It looked like the city I’ve seen so many times on Unique Eats, on the Cooking Channel. We were chatting in what I assume was the foodtruck pod where he works. He was so happy. It radiated out of him. But the bandmates he went out there to be with were ready to come back home. He wasn’t. Plain and simple.

Chris was there in the dream, but I was the only one who could see him. Why is his hair always long and curly in my dreams*? And he’s always wearing a blue plaid flannel shirt he had years ago, one he rarely wore but looked so good in. As Scott and I talked Chris stood behind him, silently shaking his head. As if to say Scott was right to stay out west, and that he was staying with him.

They’d plans, pipe dreams, to go out west together. To have an adventure, see a new world, make a place that wasn’t here for themselves. When Scottie went out to Portland solo, I imagined Chris in the passenger seat beside him, silent and watchful, taking it all in along with the brother he adored. I wanted that for them so badly. Maybe they got it after all.

(*Because that’s how he wore it when he was at his best, his happiest, his most whole.)


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3 responses to “Scott Dream

  1. I spent yesterday afternoon at the Tarrytown, NY Marriott with psychic John Edwards (my fav out of all of them) He talked for 30 minutes on the importance of loved ones coming to us in our dreams. That’s it’s very real and sometimes the easiest and most peaceful way for them to visit – and the way that we listen best.

    I know you don’t doubt that’s it’s real. I just found it interesting that he made such a big part of his readings about dreams and then woke up to your post this morning.

    Lots of love and hugs ❤


    • Terri-Lynne DeFino

      That’s so cool! I love it. Connections. Life is all about connections.

      Brian used to visit with me in dreams. I’m sure Chris does too. And he always presents himself in the way he wants me to remember him.


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