Time to decompress

     The probation officer assigned to one of the guys who sold Chris the drugs that killed him just left. Nice guy. He wanted to know if I had anything to say. I said I didn’t think jail time was going to do anything good for (the kid) or the world. He’s been through a lot. He has mental issues he can’t seem to get help for. He can feel guilt, remorse, sorrow, but he has no real concept of the world beyond himself. He’s devastated about what happened. Of course he is. “For what it’s worth, this is killing him,” the officer said. It breaks my heart.
      I had a lot to say about the mental health issue in this country, and that there’s something really wrong when a whole generation feels the need to turn the world off badly enough to create the epidemic we’re facing now. Honestly, I don’t see any answers. Well, I do, but changing attitudes about such things isn’t going to happen. It’s societal. And it’s biological.  There are too many who believe it’s all about self-control. That “crazy” people are somehow lesser, and not simply different from the norm that doesn’t actually exist. Teddy Roosevelt would have been diagnosed ADHD and given drugs to calm him the hell down. Most of history’s genius would have been medicated away. There is no room in society for those existing outside of boxes someone, somewhere (many someones, many somewheres,) have decided are what’s best for everyone. We don’t celebrate difference. Not yet, anyway. I think we’re getting there. I hope.
     There are those who truly need to be medicated simply to function without hurting themselves or others. I’m not a fool. But there is a fine line between medical science helping and hurting, and I believe we’ve crossed it. Society wants it that way. It helps keep “difficult” people in line.
     Just make me Queen of the world, Empress. I’ll take any title, as long as it comes with a sparkly crown.
     Whew. Time to decompress. I’m halfway through second round revisions on the novel formerly known as Traegar’s Lunatics, now titled, in my heart, The Pen. I love this story beyond words.


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10 responses to “Time to decompress

  1. You keep opening the door, Terri-Lynne. Keep shining a light on the dark closet of this issue. People like you are making a difference.


  2. Lynne Reive

    It’s as if you were reading my mind, Terri…….💕


  3. Mark Nelson

    Nearly every book I teach has tolerance and courage as a subtext. I hope we have taken irrevocable steps toward real maturity as a culture and society, but our country’s leadership debt tanks us.


  4. You are right about Teddy Roosevelt. I read RIVER OF DOUBT, and one of the things he used to say all the time (while walking about with his fists clenched like he was about to bust someone open) was “Get action. Get action!” And in the context of the day, it meant get busy! Good post, Terri-Lynne.


  5. Nancy Reynolds

    Terri, a young woman in my parish took her own life last week. (I don’t know the circumstances) A nurse, newly married, from a family that seemed shocked by the depth of her depression. I’ve been leaning on your words this week. Thanks.


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