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Today is the day…

…sixteen years ago, Chris’ life was irrevocably altered. A freak accident, a mismanaged string of events no one quite understood at the time, and if they did, didn’t speak up, set him on the course that ended in his death. We trusted doctors we thought knew the right way. Fools, we were, in hindsight. Cruel, unfair hindsight. There’s no knowing how things would have gone had this event never happened, or been handled appropriately from doctors to school to our own misguided trust in both.

But that’s not what this post is about, really, though it decided me on a course of action when I saw the date on my calendar, and all the silence from too many directions, including Christofer’s, hit me so hard I literally doubled over.

Silence has its place. It can be powerful. I’m a peacekeeper, by nature, and it takes a lot to get me riled up. As a writer, I pride myself on being able to see all sides of a situation through someone else’s eyes, as a way of understanding a character, and getting them right on the page. I also see the benefits of applying that to life, and the people who populate it. A mother’s knee-jerk reaction to defend her young is a difficult one to overcome, but I’ve always tried my best to step back, see the other perspective, and then act from a place of understanding, not just emotion.

This election season has been a tumultuous one. I feel strongly, passionately about my choice and why I’ve made it. While I respect other people’s right to an opinion, I don’t have to respect that opinion. Some of what I’ve read, written by people I truly love, like, admire, respect, has left me flattened. Just this morning, because of some comments left on several posts I made yesterday, I’d decided I was going to step away from the whole political thing. I’m not changing any minds. No one is changing my mind. And then I saw today’s date.

I will not be silent.

It might cost me friends, but I will not be silent.

Some family members might get pissed, but I will not be silent.

I could well lose readers of my work, but I will not be silent. Because it’s important enough to get this peacekeeper riled up.

Women, especially, are taught from early on, to be silent. To back down. To defer. Anyone who doesn’t see what’s going on with this election is, in my opinion, purposely and determinedly putting blinders on.

So, I will not be silent.



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