That will be me

(Thoughts this morning led this to that. I am in a contemplative mood, nothing more. I don’t want anyone reading this to fear for me. Once again, I thought about keeping this private, for exactly that reason, but I made a promise and I aim to keep it, so this stays public. That alone should put you at ease.)

When you find hair in the drain, whether

black, white or blue, you’ll wonder if it could be;

I tell you now, that will be me.

Bite at the inside of your cheek and feel

a tap on your hand, “Stop that,”

you’ll hear. That will be me.

Whenever you feel the urge to cut your hair

and hear a voice inside your head, “Let it grow,”

it wheedles. That will be me.

And when you see a turtle, or a camel,

in fact or in illustration, you will add a heart to it

and again, that will be me.


When words froth at your brain and you feel

the need to catch them,

by heart or by hand;

When you see a dragonfly and call it fairy, a baby dragon

in an anole; when a beam of sunlight becomes a path to another world,

That will be me.

When friends drop by and you need to feed them, when baby monkeys

make you cry; when you smell onions sauteing in olive oil, and fear choking on pudding.

Me, me, they are all me.


Such ties don’t break when life does.

They simply change shape and form.

It won’t matter if whatever is left of me once life has spit me out

is riding the ether of some astral plain, Or

simply the echo of what once was, what I was.

It will be me, like it is him.


I hear him whistle;

and sing. All the time

I see him smile;

and shake his head.

I feel his joy, and his despair that

share time in his space, even now.

Spirit or memory, there is no cognitive difference when

love is at the core. Love,

and need; love and

the hubris to believe there is

more to existence than life.





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14 responses to “That will be me

  1. Simply beautiful! So beautiful! 💓💓💓


  2. Mark Nelson

    The last line. Yes. Hugs.


  3. Once again, you move me so deeply. Hugs. ❤️


  4. Lise-Marie

    you touched my harden heart


  5. MaryAnn Forbes

    What a beautiful tribute. It touched me deeply as my wonderful husband passed away on Thanksgiving morning. I am still overwhelmed with grief yet find some solace when something touches me or reminds me of him.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and beautiful writing. Peace.


    • Terri-Lynne DeFino

      Thank you for sharing. I am very sorry for your loss. Losing someone we love is, of course, never easy, but sometimes, when we get that little reminder, whether ghostly or out of our own wishing, it makes us smile. anyway. I hope you get more smiles with your memories as time goes by. I know it doesn’t feel like it ever will happen, but it does. Happy new year, darling.


  6. Kelly Ramsdell

    Beautiful. I see nothing to concern me here. Then again, I am one of the few people I know who isn’t afraid of death, but just sees it as part of life. We none of us get out alive, and most of us don’t get a say on when it’s our turn to go. I am glad you can still sense your son’s energy, even though it will never make it “all better”. Much love to you, as always.


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