Hello, it’s been a while

I’m usually much more present in this space. A lot has been happening; a lot more is due to happen soon, and ongoing. The novel currently going by, The Pen was picked up by Rachel Kahan at William Morrow (an imprint of HarperCollins.) I’m ridiculously happy and a little starstruck. I’ve been around the block a few times, but this is a new block with new people, and I imagine a new experience. Time will tell, and then I’ll tell you.

In a couple of weeks, I’m off to Europe with my parents, my brothers and their spouses. And Frankie D, of course. When I get home, edits from my editor will be waiting for me, so that’s actually something to look forward to leaving Rome for. Heroically Lost is nearly finished, first draft. Beloved Agent Janna will be sending feedback on our second round for Entangled soonish, and another new story with another new set of characters is already banging at my brain-doors. As my daughter, Jamie, has said–I poop books. (Not commentary on their quality,  I assure you.) I hope that’s always so.

And today is Christofer’s birthday.

Thunk, right in the middle of all the excitement, there it is. Of course, it’s no surprise. It didn’t sneak up on me. As it usually happens, there was a week of threatened rumbling on my horizon, but nothing to fear. Just a storm. Another storm. It would pass.

The anticipatory tension was worse than the event, to be honest. I’ve been okay. Not without tears, but okay. He was born today. Eleven hours of labor. The only time I gave birth without surgical intervention. And then I got to keep him for twenty-five years. A loaner. Part of me always knew he would be. I’d been telling myself from day one, with Chris, once he was gone, he was going to be gone. I never thought it would be quite so literal, but, there you have it.

Today marks one of the happiest days of my life; the day my second son was born. He was the linking piece in two families blended into one. He was loved. So loved. He still is. How, then, can I lament this day in any way?

I can’t say happy birthday. It just doesn’t feel right. Instead, I’ll offer him a smile instead of tears, and tell him his Turtle loves him so much.





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16 responses to “Hello, it’s been a while

  1. Do you mind if we offer Chris a smile and you and Frank a hug? In a couple weeks when it’s time to leave, embrace your wonderful trip to Europe and when you return, revel in your exciting new writing journey. ❤

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  2. Mark nelson

    I suspect the flood of words you have been prospecting has been part of his gift to you. Hugs and words!

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  3. Congratulations on the book contract–absolutely wonderful news!


  4. Big hugs to you both. I know today isn’t easy ❤😞
    And you guys inspire me because you’ve faced this headvon and keep moving forward, without forgetting. Not an easy task.
    Sending birthday wishes to Chris in my heart, too.


  5. Your latest brought a roller-coaster of emotions. Sending hugs and rainbows…


  6. Hugs as always Terri! Your beautiful words, always a gift, express how deeply Christofer is loved, and how much he knew that.

    Your new road in the literary world is much deserved, and I’m sure will carry you very far.

    Get ready for that trip! It’s a well earned treat!


  7. *HUGS* Much love to you, Terri. ❤


  8. Fran

    Hugs to you and Frank. Also my very best wishes for you new adventures.


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