Strange Dreaming

Sometime between Wednesday and Thursday, I dreameddownload

my house was under siege.

I walked beside Hyppolita, discussing tactics

While burly men in furs and leather

Put out fires on my roof.


Sometime between Thursday and Friday, I dreamed

my father, and my grandfather (dead these many years)

walked side by side in the woods behind my house,

along the river, chatting and watching my grandson swim

close to the bank. Every once in a while,

Dad pulled William back from going too far. William, for his part

only laughed.


Sometime between Friday and Saturday, I dreamed

Chris was being held in a church, down on the Green.

The same church he used to attend AA meetings in.

They were holding him for execution,

because he’d overdosed. How ironic, that lethal injection.

Why? I screamed outside. Why are you doing this to him?


In the early hours of Saturday morning, I woke

confused, bolting out of bed so I could get to the church

before they killed my son. It took a few minutes

between sleep and awake

to realize I was still in bed,

in the early hours of a Saturday,

of this after, not the before.


I saw Wonder Woman on Wednesday

My grandson on Tuesday

On June 22, my son will be gone a full two years.

How the brain mashes up the everyday with

its inner-workings. How marvelous.

How utterly extraordinary.



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8 responses to “Strange Dreaming

  1. Dreams are so fascinating and oh so frustrating sometimes, as well. If we could only always know for sure what they were telling us. You have a lot going on ~ happiness (Jamie and family moving closer, your book deal,etc) and a somber anniversary. I’m sure your heart, mind and soul are conflicted and maybe their release is in your vivid dreams. All I can say for sure is, lots of love and hugs ❤


    • Terri-Lynne DeFino

      My dreams have been infiltrating my waking world. I’ve woken up twice within the last week, still locked in the dream. This morning, my nephew was at my window, trying to play a prank on me. 🙂

      I feel a story in this prolonged overlap between asleep and awake.


  2. Frank DeFino

    Thank you for writing this. Sorry my attention left us Saturday night while at dinner.


  3. Wow. Isn’t it fascinating how dreams seem so real sometimes. I would often try to figure out what they meant – because they HAD to mean something, right? It is truly apparent, that while some dreams are alot of ‘junk in our trunk”, most of the time they DO have meaning. Not some mystical, futuristic look into what will be in our upcoming paths, but simply proof, that our mind continues to be on the job while we sleep. Trying to process and “tuck into bed” the millions of little bits and pieces of our recent days, people, places and “anniversary moments”. Most times, the dreams are so hard to make sense of. How could we when we weren’t even “present” for most of the information our brain took in. The underlying sensory memories, smells, sounds, sights coming to the service in our dreams, as the brain is compelled to makes sense of them or tuck them into bed. Fascinating.


    • Terri-Lynne DeFino

      It is fascinating, isn’t it? No surprise, I dream in story. I’ve gotten quite a few good ideas from dreams. 🙂


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