Escarole and beans

  • A friend and I went to the farmer’s market last weekend. I found the most glorious head of escarole. I remember my Gramma Grace making ‘scarole’ back in the day. You’d never  have gotten me to touch it. But, seeing that gorgeous head of escarole made me want to try making Gracie’s old recipe.

I had absolutely no idea what was in it, but I do remember how it smelled. Lots of garlic. I trusted my inner palate and, whoa, Nellie! It was divine.

Very simple: sauté a chopped onion in olive oil. Once it’s translucent, add a head of escarole. Once it’s all wilted and soft (about three or so minutes) take it off the heat. In another pan, sauté a can of white beans (any kind) along with the starchy water in olive oil, add garlic (lots) a tbsp of chicken base paste. Once that’s heated through and sticky, add the escarole into the pan of beans. Let it all meld together about five minutes on a low simmer. Take it off the heat, add a splash of lemon and a good fistful of grated cheese. Done! Filling, nutritious and inexpensive. Not to mention yuuuuum.



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7 responses to “Escarole and beans

  1. I have to try this some day! Sounds yummy and different! Thanks for the recipe! Now, when are you going to get to compete on Chopped?


  2. Janis Wohlschlaeger

    ‘Schrole and beans, my favorite. During the summer I use Swiss Chard from my garden, just as yummy!!


    • Terri-Lynne DeFino

      Ack! That would be yummy. I’ll have to try it. I imagine any bitter green would work well. The swiss chard at the farmer’s market last weekend was GORGEOUS. I passed in favor of the escarole, but next time, I’m getting some.

      I tried growing swiss chard. Didn’t do too well. Honestly, I’m just not a veggie gardener…or much of a gardener at all these days. Far cry from the Country Farm days! Mwah!


  3. Just add some warm Italian bread and a glass of vino and enjoy! 🙂


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