What I learned these last two days…

  1. Going ten days without power in October is a lot less harrowing than two days in March.
  2. I have the most amazing, generous friends.
  3. There’s nothing quite so useful as a child, who has not lost power, living in town.
  4. The lengths I will go for a hot cup of tea.
  5. When you’ve read all you can read, and gazed into your beloved’s eyes quite enough, Solitaire can keep one from going stir crazy.
  6. Sleeping in 55 degrees is lovely.
  7. Sleeping in 43 degrees is not.
  8. Cats make nice bed warmers. (I’ll be kinder when they’re taking up all my foot room from now on.)
  9. Eating breakfast, lunch and dinner out actually does get old.
  10. Having a Halo is the difference between, “This isn’t so bad,” and “I’m going to bite the next person I see.”
  11. Writing beside the fire isn’t just a romantic notion; it’s rather special.
  12. Cold makes the cats (and Frankie D) hyper.
  13. Betta fish can survive 55 degrees, not 43. Boo.
  14. Enforced time away from a novel in progress, while frustrating, can create magic.
  15. Frankie D is still, after nearly thirty years, the one I most like to spend time with.



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5 responses to “What I learned these last two days…

  1. Great list! Great adaptability! Glad your power is back!

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  2. So sorry about the Betas! 😦 Yay, Frankie D! 🙂 Can’t wait to see you in just a few weeks!


  3. Oh no, poor fishy. Great list! Yup, sometimes it’s a great experience to be pulled from our comfort zone and have to think out of the box as get through the day. Glad you got your power back!


    • Terri-Lynne DeFino

      Poor Humperdinck was on his last fins as it was. The frigid temps just did him in. The last of the Betta Fish Boys!
      I learned one more thing to add to the list–never count on the power staying on…because it didn’t! It went out another four hours. Ugh! But we’re back now (she says hopefully!)


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