I can’t seem to let it go

I’ve started this entry three times now, and can’t seem to get the words right, so I’ll just get to the heart of it–Myrtle Beach is one of my favorite places to be. It’s the location of countless good times with loved ones, days on the beach, seashells and sand and shopping and delicious food I don’t have to cook. And it pulls out my sorrow like no other place on earth.

It’s the last place I actually spent time with Chris, before his brutal fall into depression. He was happy. On top of the world. He’d just moved out on his own, was working his dream job, and was generally looking forward with confidence. Or so I thought. I don’t think Chris ever fooled himself, even if he fooled everyone else. It was always there, waiting, and he knew it. But that’s not what I’m here for.

We had a great week, that April of 2015. The weather kind of sucked, but we sat on the beach anyway, went to the hot tubs, the pool. We took him to the aquarium, not realizing it was kind of for little kids. It was ridiculously fun anyway. When the week was done, we took him home. Little more than a month later, he’d crashed completely. He quit his job, left his apartment, and came home. And then he was gone.

Myrtle Beach is a bittersweet place for me now. I always have fun. I always look forward to it. It’s still one of my favorite places to be. Yet I don’t get through a day without memory falling and grief slapping me across the face so hard my eyes tear. The billboard for the aquarium, a chilly day at the beach, the New Balance store at the outlet mall–kapow.

I had Gracie all to myself for a whole week this time, for the first time since…I can’t even say, and it was amazing beyond words. She makes things better, my girl. And yet I couldn’t help being sad sometimes. I tried not to show it, but she always knew.

One night, at the tail end of the week, I dreamed of Chris. We were in town for some big event, lots of people all around, and I spotted him getting a drink at a water fountain. My mouth dropped open. I called his name. He turned, smiled and came my way. There was an air of impatience about him, but he pulled me into those massive arms and held me so tight. Chris had this thing, he’d hug tighter, a beat longer than anticipated. This time, I held him just as long, just as tight. “I knew you couldn’t leave me,” I told him. He only smiled, let me go, and headed back off into the crowd.

He knew I was sad. He knew why. And even though he’s off on  his bear-dreaming adventures, he came back to hug me. His turtle.

I write this with tears in my eyes and the weight of his hug still lingering across my shoulders. I wasn’t going to record it here, but like my sorrow called him back from his travels, his hug led me here until I wrote it all down. I guess he wanted credit for his long trip back.

That’s my boy.

Myrtle Beach


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13 responses to “I can’t seem to let it go

  1. Elizabeth Young

    He’ll never let go. In the best of ways.

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  2. Mark Nelson

    Hugs, just a little tighter than expected, from 3000 miles away. “Peace, perturbed spirit.” 😎❤️😃

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  3. Hugs, and much love Terri-Lynne! I wish you comfort and peace!

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  4. Tricia

    A beautiful tribute to your loving son’s journey back to his mother’s arms! I also think that the water fountain is symbolic of his new life; water is life. Chris is now triumphant over his worldly pain and wanted you to see and to know that he drinks from a new fountain of life now.


  5. Liz

    He will always be with you. For now, you can only visit in your dreams, but someday you will be together again and then nothing will be able to separate you.

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  6. What a beautiful message he sent! Chris wants you to know he’s okay, in a good place right now. One we will never fully understand here on earth. Chris’ hugs of love are something to be treasured, and I’m so glad you got one. ❤

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  7. Kelly Ramsdell

    You know I completely believe that was an actual visit from Chris. Love this so much. Hugs and love to you, sweet friend.

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  8. Your boy, such a love. And this writing…I could feel that hug. Love you so much, Terri-Lynne.


  9. Janis W

    So beautiful Terri.

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