It happened just yesterday, in

a box store, I

whisked through the aisles, wanting

to be out of there quickly, and

slipped into a time pocket.

It only lasted a moment, long

enough to steal my breath, to

make my eyes water, to

send me back in time. Smoked salmon,

of all things. I’d

buy it for him, even though it was

expensive, and

he’d eat it all in one sitting, because…

just because. I

slipped into that time pocket, I

reached for it, my

hand snagged on a thread that

pulled me back, out of the pocket, to

the now where he’s not here to

eat the whole package

in one sitting, while

I watch indulgently on.



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17 responses to “Pockets

  1. Lynne Reive

    😢 I had a visual on this – and tears. You are an amazingly strong woman, Terri. Your courage and strength is an inspiration. Sending you love and peace during these holidays. ❤️


  2. So hard when that happens. Sending hugs ❤


  3. Hugs….with tears in my eyes! Now every time I eat smoked salmon I will think of you and of him!


  4. Helen

    💔💔♥️♥️💔💔 my heart aches for you for those moments that take your heart away. Hugs and Love to you for those precious and priceless memories that tear at those strings of your heart. 5 years have passed for me and I still want just one more hug, one more hello Grandmama. 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔 Have a blessed Thanksgiving.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


  5. Kerin

    Yup it’s those simple things that get you sobbing in the most random and public of places. It’s like the emotion sneaks up on you and grabs you when you least expect it. This time of year it’s especially tough.


  6. Elizabeth Young

    Love the image of you, very momily, watching him eating it all in one sitting.


    • Terri-Lynne DeFino

      🙂 Very momily, yes. I’d shake my head, knowing not to bother reminding him if he ate it all, there wouldn’t be any for later. Chris was nothing if not voracious.


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