Blowing off the dust…

It’s been a while, so long that the whole format in here is changed. I’d blame the election or the pandemic or both, but the truth is, I’ve had nothing much to say, at least, in this space. Today, I do.

Thanksgiving was strange for everyone, this year. If you stayed within the guidelines of the CDC, you were probably as alone as Frankie D and I were. If you didn’t, if you gathered with family despite this plague, it was still different, because there were those guideline followers missing. In the back of your brain, you worried or you scoffed. Either way, it was different.

For me, Thanksgiving was kind of awesome. I love the huge, family gathering at my brother’s house, my parents, all the nieces and nephews, my sibs, my kids, all the spouses. It’s always chaotic but absolutely wonderful. And it makes me sad.

These family gatherings always put a huge spotlight on the fact that one is missing, and always will be. I see my kids gathered and, yup, one missing. I see my nieces and nephews goofing around and, yup, one missing. There are absences every year–who can’t make it, for whatever reason. But they’ll be there next gathering, next holiday. Next. The potential is there, even if they never show up. Except for the one.

This Thanksgiving, it was just me and Frankie D sitting at our table, eating our feast. No karaoke. No games. No noise. Just us, eating, watching dumb Christmas movies, playing Mexican Train. And not once did I look up from whatever we were doing and get slammed in the gut with, “One is missing.” Everyone was missing this year. My heart stayed in one piece, on a day that typically, silently shatters it. It feels strange to say, but it was nice, for a change.


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8 responses to “Blowing off the dust…

  1. Perhaps more than many other–at least I hope that’s the case–I understand. Thinking of you…

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  2. Hugs and much love Terri-Lynne! I was right there too…. just the two of us. I was so thankful for last year when we gathered at our house and did Christmas projects and laughed and ate turkey and all the trimmings. This year they are all getting those projects out to decorate for a Christmas that promises to be just as different. I think our Christmas will be an exchange of gifts in driveways. But, I will stay hopeful that we will overcome this monster and be able to gather again and remember those who cannot be with us.


  3. Janis Wohl

    I’ve missed your writing.


  4. Carol Lovekin

    As ever – love to your heart… ♥
    Blogging is as blogging does. I’m less inclined as well. My thought processes with regard to work are on hold anyway (waiting to see if Book 4 makes the shortlist…) Any post would be full of angst & gibbering! And the new one’s in a state of delicious muddle even I’m not sure what I’m up to!
    (Remember the LJ days when we really did write our brains out?)
    Love in abundance, cariad. xXx

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    • Terri-Lynne DeFino

      I still miss those old LJ days! To have them back would be sublime. I should pop over there and see what’s going on. I didn’t recognize it, last time I did.

      And could you have imagined, way back then, that you’d be waiting to hear about book #4, already in the process of book #5? That I’d have seven published and three (almost four) waiting in the wings? We’ve come so far, and yet only a stone’s throw. As always, XX


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