Modesty is for suckers. It is my life’s motto. No, really. I even had it tattooed on my arm. Hubris? Hardly. It simply means I’m not going to pretend to be anything less than what I am for propriety’s sake. I am pretty fantastic, and have no problem acknowledging that.

What few know, however, is the other half of that motto–the unsung half: …but vainglory is for fools. I don’t pretend to be less than what I am, and I don’t pretend to be more.


Kind of says it all, no?

So, who am I? I am a writer. The links to my books are in the header, the dates, acclaim and such of my publications are on the about page. That’s not what you’re reading this for, right? This is my welcome page. I am welcoming you to my website/blog. Tell me who you are, if you happen to stop by.

Who am I? Like I said–I’m a writer. I am also a wife, mother, cat wrangler, sparkle queen, curious oyster, grammar freak, and an editor. I live in a log house, on a river, in the woods of wild Connecticut. If you think that sounds like bliss–it is. In the spring, I listen to the peepers in the marsh across the street. In the late summer and autumn, cicadas and cricketsong. In the winter, I dig deep into the silence of snow. I never met a season I didn’t like.

I will rant in here. I will spout grammar lessons, share triumphs and joys and the road to publication–both past and ongoing. For this page, I am simply offering a “Hi! Howya doin’? Come on in and chat a while.”

Now it’s your turn.


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