A Tale of the Incomparable Frankie D

(Continued from FB, where it just became too long!)

Or: How I got two engagement rings…

Riding along Route 9, heading to a beach party down the shore, we got stuck in traffic. Frankie D spotted a jewelry store in a strip mall as we passed. “I’m buying you an engagement ring,” said he, and veered sharply into the parking lot. I, having only know the man less than two months, had no idea what kind of $ he had to spend. I conservatively chose this:


Sorry it’s so blurry. I wanted aquamarine, because it is my birthstone. They had none, so I chose this blue topaz surrounded by diamonds. A family friend asked if it was a “friendship ring.” Frankie D never got over it.

Hell, how was I supposed to know he could have afforded a diamond? I barely knew him. (Don’t gasp. We’ve been married 26 years. It’s all good.)

Skip ahead 18 years. We’re in a mall we’ve never been to before, and are only there to kill some time. Guess what Frankie D spots? Yup, a jewelry store. This one is going out of business! 75% off everything in the store.

“I’m buying you a diamond,” says he, and into the store we went. I chose two rings for him so he could “surprise” me with one of them.


This is life with Frankie D. When we first met and fell in love so quickly, “impetuous” was his favorite word. It still is.

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