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Twas the Day After Christmas

Twas the day after Christmas, when all through the house,

Not a creature was stirring, except for my mouse,

Not a real one, of course, but the one by my hand

The kind that helps navigate throughout cyberland.

Frankie’s out really early, a coffee he’ll share

With a potential employer, no sugar plums there.

And me in my shorts, in my oversized shirt,

Being alone in my loft, I’ll tell you, it doesn’t hurt…


It’s been six months Frank’s out of work. His final paycheck went into the bank last week. Thank goodness we had the severance, but now that safety net is gone. 2018 looms, both scary and so full of potential. New job, new home, the release of The Bar Harbor Retirement Home for Famous Writers in June, the German translation release in the fall (or winter) season. Part of me says, “Everything’s going to work out just fine.” Then there’s the other part that whispers mean things I hear, but won’t give the time of day to.

I miss him way more than I ever imagined when he does go out, like he did today. Of course, I want him to find a job. One that will fulfill him personally and professionally. I can’t help wishing he could retire, even though he’s bored silly now that there’s no yard work to do. I don’t get as much writing done. There are far fewer lunches with friends. The noise level is way outside my preferred silence. But egads, I love the man. I love how much he digs grocery shopping (there are few days we don’t end up in Aldi, Stew’s, or Shop Rite), and that he calls me down for lunch when I’d have worked through it. I love that he comes with me when I babysit the grands, and puts the laundry in the dryer before I get to it. I love it when he talks to the cats rather than interrupt me, even though I’m pretty certain he’s not really expecting Gyro and Toulouse to know if mommy would be interested in going to Five Guys for a diet cherry Coke. (The answer to which is always, “yes!”)

Whatever 2018 brings, we’ll work with it. We’ve weathered the worst of things without breaking. This certainly isn’t going to break us.


He hopped into his car, to potential employer gave a wave,

And homeward he flew, like Batman to his cave.

He called twice on the phone, ere he drove into sight,

“Should I stop for proscuitto? Or do you want Jersey Mike’s?”



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A Frankie D Story

When our house was built thirteen years ago, the walkout basement didn’t get finished correctly. We have these two, six-foot, concrete¬†walls that were supposedly to hold back earth, but there isn’t any earth there to hold. Thus we have an eye-sore. It was one of those things we wanted to do something about, but it just never warranted the time or money to do it right.

A couple of summers ago, Chris decided to build a roof for it. He wanted to make a workshop outside so he could do his woodworking, welding, chemistry projects without destroying the basement (which he had already pretty much taken over and destroyed anyway!) After starting the project, he shattered his ankle, the same leg he’d injured so badly years before. That did not thwart his efforts. He built the thing in the driveway, from his wheelchair. Once it was finished, we carried it around the house to the walk-out.

I had all kinds of plans for the roof, making it look like thatch, lattice, something nicer than the temporary tarp we put over it to keep out the rain. It never happened. We talked about tearing it all down and starting from scratch, and then Chris died. I couldn’t bear to tear apart this thing he worked so hard to build.

Yesterday, we had a proper roof put on the frame. It looks great. And here’s where the Frankie D story comes in…

Preparing for the guys to do their thing yesterday morning, Frankie D picked up an old, cloth potting container and disturbed the little mouse who’d built a home in it. He felt awful, but it had to be moved. Last night, the first thing he did when he got home was go look at the great job the guys did. The second thing he did was put the pot back so the little mouse could come home. He checked on it later, and sure enough, the mouse was there. He was so happy. It was adorable. I can bet without fear of losing that he’ll be putting bird seed out there through the winter.

My Frankie D. This is why I keep him around when there are times I want to strangle him.



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A Tale of the Incomparable Frankie D

(Continued from FB, where it just became too long!)

Or: How I got two engagement rings…

Riding along Route 9, heading to a beach party down the shore, we got stuck in traffic. Frankie D spotted a jewelry store in a strip mall as we passed. “I’m buying you an engagement ring,” said he, and veered sharply into the parking lot. I, having only know the man less than two months, had no idea what kind of $ he had to spend. I conservatively chose this:


Sorry it’s so blurry. I wanted aquamarine, because it is my birthstone. They had none, so I chose this blue topaz surrounded by diamonds. A family friend asked if it was a “friendship ring.” Frankie D never got over it.

Hell, how was I supposed to know he could have afforded a diamond? I barely knew him. (Don’t gasp. We’ve been married 26 years. It’s all good.)

Skip ahead 18 years. We’re in a mall we’ve never been to before, and are only there to kill some time. Guess what Frankie D spots? Yup, a jewelry store. This one is going out of business! 75% off everything in the store.

“I’m buying you a diamond,” says he, and into the store we went. I chose two rings for him so he could “surprise” me with one of them.


This is life with Frankie D. When we first met and fell in love so quickly, “impetuous” was his favorite word. It still is.

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